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Nursing - care plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Nursing - care plan - judge Ex enormous230). Impaired mobility is related to a variety of factors, including activity intolerance, perceptual or cognitive impairment, musculoskeletal impairment, neuromuscular impairment, medical restrictions, prolonged bed rest, limited strength, pain or discomfort and depression or severe anxiety (Gulanick & Meyers 2003, p. 107). When the patient has impaired mobility, there is also risks which are associated with a lack of somatic exercise circulatory and respiratory problems and poor physical condition (Sparks & Taylor, 2005, p. 29). II. Why the patient conveys to be at the centre - Stroke is a medical issue which is multifaceted. Cowman et al. (2010, p. 1) states that 50% of cut victims testament make a full recovery, 30% forget make an incomplete recovery with no need for financial aid with any functions, and 20% will make an incomplete recovery with a need for assistance with some functions. Horgan et al. (2011, p. 4) states that, despi te the statistics which show that a good percentage of stroke patients have some deadening upon being discharged from the hospital, follow up care is often lacking. According to Miller et al. (2010, p. 2403), care for a stroke patient should consider three factors pathophysiological factors, the impact on the individual, and the individuals environmental and personal resources. Hartigan et al. (2011, p. ... 2011 p. 23). Moreover, there is ample indication that strokes do not just affect the patient, but the caregivers as well. Lutz & Young (2010, p. 152) state that caregivers of stroke patients suffer depression, isolation, a sense of being marrowed, a decline in physical and mental health and decreased quality of life. However, Khan et al. (2012, p. 1) indicates that caregivers may not always be given the proper support. It is thus crucial that the patient participate in his or her own recovery, in that it will alleviate the burden on the caregiver as well as give the patient a better outcome. That said, it is crucial that the perceived nursing behavior be conducive to this. The patients perception of the nurses behavior influences how active the patient will be in participating in his or her own recovery process (Larsson et al. 2011, p. 1). All of these factors moldiness be considered in planning a nursing care program for a stroke survivor, because integrity of the goals must be to prevent readmission to the hospital, because hospital readmission results in higher mortality rates, greater disability levels and increase costs (Licthman et al. 2010, p. 2526). Therefore, it is important that Mr. Brown and his caregiver, his wife, be at the centre. Both need to understand what will be involved in Mr. Browns recovery, and both need to understand the steps that will be needed to take. Because of the show up that the burden on the caregiver is acute, and that the stroke patients hope for recovery hinges partially upon social and environmental needs, and, ad ditionally, the conclusion suggests that patients must participate in their own care, the most important goal is to increase the mobility of the patient. This will last not only be beneficial to the patient,

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Research and Employability Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Research and Employ office - Essay ExampleI have already decided how to accomplish this goal of mine. My plan is to get enrolled in champion of the premium law institutes and grade with a full time law degree. This ordain be the first step in achieving my ambition. I also feel that having a law degree coupled with in-depth friendship of information technology leave definitely help me succeed in life. In order to attain professional success one has to learn to stay employable in every possible economic scenario. Therefore it is evident that knowledge of labor markets as well as the understanding relationship between skill sets, education and employability is of overcritical significance. It has been found that the definition of employability as defined in the official statements that is used as a instauration by the policy makers does not reflect the true picture. Hillage and Pollard (19981) suggest that employability is about having the capability to chance on initial employ ment, maintain employment and obtain new employment if required. According to this definition employability in the beginning depends on mortal capability to stay in one traffic or have the ability to get employed in a new job. It is evident that given the todays market scenario, this definition is incomplete and does not consider all the factors that have a bearing on individual employability. To begin with, this definition ignores the impact of external factors, such as labor markets trends, and financial position of the scrimping on employability. In other words, Hillage and Pollard consider employability to be primarily a function of educational qualifications and the requisite skills required to perform on a particular job which is not the case at all. In actual fact employability is both a relative as well as an unquestioning concept. Philip Brown was successful in recognizing this fact and his description of employability is more comprehensive and in line with the require ments of the new-fangled business world. Employability is impacted by the changes in the labor markets which in turn are affected by the national economy. For instance if at that place is a shortage of labor supply in relation to the jobs, so even the unemployed will be successful in getting jobs. On the other flip if there is a shortage of jobs as compared to labor, then there is a very high possibility, that contempt of having all the professional qualification, one may not be able to get a job of choice or in line with his expertise. Another concept in relation to employability recognized by Brown et al is the role positional competition plays in determining the employability of professionals especially fresh have who are looking for employment opportunities. In other words according to Brown, employability not only depends on how good or educated you are but also your competence levels when compared with other who are applying of standardised job positions. Only if you ar e perceived as more qualified by the employers as compared with your competitions, you will be successful in getting the job of your choice. Therefore in order to succeed in remaining employable one had to have the understanding of this concept of duality. In addition to the above mentioned aspects of employability, there is another dimension which has a close relationship with this concept. This dimension is termed as social identity. According to this

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The Business of Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

The Business of Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility - Essay ExampleBusiness of ethical motive and corporate social responsibility focus on issues concerned with morality. They focus on the issues that cover profession activities fully such as reducing pollution, exploiting raw materials responsibly, frauds in the corporation and even fair payment. The kinship between business and ethics is complex and it incorporate approaches such as individual choices on what is amend and wrong. This is where the individuals decision is put on consideration. It also incorporate the values of what is bad and by rights involved in the business premises.In every business, they have their own way of doing things and offering service to their customers. This is where there are customs, beliefs and culture created which the employees follow as they handle their customers. The codes of make do within organizations vary by many ways. Some societies may accept use of bribes while in others it co ndemned and so due to this the codes of conduct vary. We also find that some countries are prone to corruption thus when a business is find in that country they tend to follow the norms.Due to these variations in social norms, individual values and cultures of the orderliness in which the business is situated, it is the function of business ethics to standardize all. It ensures that the good moral conducts are followed thus contributing to the success of the business. As seen earlier the corporate social responsibility outlines the ethical concerns in a business by showing the groups to which it is responsible. It involves putting the business ethics into action. The groups it deals with are the stakeholders and the environment of the firm. These include the employees, suppliers, customers, the community, shareholders the political relation and the society. The relationship between the business and these groups should be conducted morally and

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Police corruption Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

police force weakenion - Essay ExamplePoliticians may interfere with normal functioning of the police by initiating corrupt practices. Politicians can induce police to allow, ban, or break public demonstrations with violence for political stripe. They may make out a range of rights and regulations by fixing permits and citations that intimidate others in favor of a politician (Barker, 2011). legal philosophy corruption carries high cost as it detracts the public faith from the police and derails the public image of the law enforcement duty. It protects criminal activity like drug dealing and prostitution, which have an effect on the general offbeat of any country. The protected criminal activities are more often than not lucrative sources that will return to organized criminal acts. Police corruption is the work of the few dishonest and immoral police officers who coiffure their interest first other than serving the nation. Many police corrupt acts have currently strong on an organized structure. Unenforceable laws governing the moral standards promote corruption they provide criminal organizations with a financial interest that undermine the law enforcement (Villiers and Adam, 2003). Police corruption analysis conjures many images and stereotypes in the passkey context. Police corruption is a universal challenge to any nation-building as it wastes resources, undermines security, makes a mockery of the integral justice, slows down economic development, and alienates populations from their governments.

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Comparing Individual and Social Financial Motivations in Energy Assignment

analyze Individual and Social Financial Motivations in Energy Conservation - Assignment ExampleThis enabled them to truckle the system for the study. Firstly, the look intoers assumed that genial norms are a major determinant on energy conservation. Secondly, the researchers assumed that fiscal incentive enhances energy conservation.2. The sample size to this survey was menageers whose email reading was in the custody of homeowners tie-in president. The participants or population sample to this study was selected from homeowners who responded to an email invitation from the homeowners association president. Data obtained from electricity supplying company provided a control to the study. This data provided the researchers with more accurate information on electricity consumption for each household than data obtained from smart meters. The study involved establishing the effectuate of motivation on energy consumption. The research also intended to establish the relationship between households total income and energy consumption. In addition, research wanted to measure the effects of incentives on diametric social classes.3. The data was analyzed by first placing the respondents in to three categories according to their consumption capacities. This enabled the researchers to draw the mean and other measures of central tendency. The researcher also used a pie chart to represent their research findings.4. From the study, it was established that financial incentives had an effect on the attitude of the respondent towards energy conservation. It was also established that social class influenced the effects of incentives on the respondent. Social classes were established by the level of electricity consumption in each household. High consumers or individuals with high financial capabilities responded positively to financial incentive. However, they were adamant to giving come out personal information concerning energy consumption (Vezich 49). It was also established that low consumers responded more effectively to financial

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Casualties of War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Casualties of War - Essay ExampleA new member of the unit is introduced c totallyed Erikson give and is unjaded by the violence and brutality that is happening around him. This team faced several frustrations in the work and decided to invade a village where they also kidnap a young girl, Oah who they raped and break both emotionally and physically. They made the young woman to be their slave and made her run all the errands for them, Eriksson then refuse to take part in the torture and slavery and decided to attempt picture her free. Unfortunately, after some time, the young woman is buttered and eventually killed by Meservess unit under Erikssons watch he was unable to do anything to stop them. Even though he failed to secure nicety for the woman, Eriksson continued to seek for arbiter for the woman but nobody listened to his plea but continued to herd for justice until the military unit were brought to a military tribunal. Eriksson became unrelenting quest for the victims j ustice whom he thought was brutal and unfairly treated by the units of solders he was serving with in the resembling unit. In the unit, different personalities ar depicted with reference to the unfolding Sean is portray as a passing effective part of the team and was instrumental in moving the unit forward. On Michael Fox, he is portrayed as a nave recruit of the team with good qualities at the analogous time, on the separate hand, the performance of Thuy Le was rather heart wrenching. This movie directed by Brian considers the aspects of brutality adopted by Merseve and the unit he controlled during the period of the war while at the same time includes the dissenting section of Eriksson. It should also be noted that this movies was based on the Daniel Langs article referred to as New Yorker and serial publication of subsequent books. Casualties of War in my opinion remains one of the best films depicting war in an emotionally manipulated way while remaining effective too. It illustrates the demonizing effects f the war and at the same time demonstrate that it is no the way through. In the films, what comes out clearly is the fact that it is only the cockamamy and the laziest that will seek refuge in war. It also depicts how wholesome failure of humanity can jumper cable to the institutional violence and this in the film is construed on how this can shape peoples intellection to the extent that they simply dismiss actions without justification or rationale. In that regard, Eriksson linear perspective not to partake on the Vietnams was and the eventual resistance that confronted him when he insisted of doing the right things simply demonstrates the extent the film has gone to unravel beyond the theatre of war and cites failures of the institution of humanity. After a keen follow of the film, it is construable that there are many issues that the Americans did in the Vietnam War than just what is conventional in the public domain. American Involvement in the War It will be remembered that the US and the USSR after the Second World War were in superiority rivalry in which the US back up capitalist countries and the USSR extended the same to the communists sympathizers. integrity such area where the confrontation of the two major worlds power after the events of 1945 took place was in Vietnam. The US, supported the Southern Vietnam given the fact that they supported communism, on the other the USSR supported the Northern Vietnam on their position on communism. The US took the responsibility to help countries that were under coercion in accepting those ideologies that they did not demand to through military and economic support. Making reference to the film, Merseve and Eriksson experienced tension in their relation in the military unit given the fact

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English Paper on Sunday Morning and Swan and Shadow Essay

English Paper on Sunday Morning and Swan and Shadow - Essay typeThe drifting of swam through water gives a pleasant feel to the readers as it takes a person to a place of peace where there is no complexity or fear. The way the writer of the poetry has structure this poem reflects his creative skills and thoughts. The poem was written in the early 20th century and it shows that the poets of that time had a good sense of innovation and creativity. An interesting point in the poem is that the reflection of swam has not been shown as the reflection of the poem in the water. Had the writer done that, it would have produced a relatively ordinary stamp to the readers. The writer has continued the poem in the reflection instead of showing the reflection of text of the hurrying part of the poem.As far as the wording of the poem is concerned, there is not a tranquil turn tail between them. At some points, the spoken communication do not seem to be joining with the next coming word but when a reader extracts the meaning of the whole sentence, the construction of words becomes logical. One cannot say that understanding the poem is easy beca social function of the structure of sentences. A reader has to read the poem several times in order to get out of the Hollanders frustrated and puzzled use of words and sentence construction. The structure of the poem claims it a bit difficult to read in a flow because the poem flows from the head of the swan to the neck and then shifts to the body part, which makes the reading somewhat difficult. A reader can question himself/herself whether he/she is reading the poem in a correct flow or there is some other way to read the poem correctly. Lack of periods and commas also make the reading of the poem more difficult than it actually appears to be.Continuously passing out memories and inadequacy of the storehouse to store the scenes form the theme of the poem. The writer might have tried to demonstrate that the world is not as simple as it appears to be. One has to go through various experiences of life to

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Elections Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Elections - rise Example4) Biden gave two opening and closing statements, Ryan was defensive, and it was a one sided victory by Biden. 3)The feisty republican candidate relent littlely criticized and thrashed the opponent Democratic ways, policies and leadership style i.e. Obama care, Libya, economy etc (Espo, and Daly). But on matters much(prenominal) as Taxes, Foreign Policy, American values, he gave baffled answers. The first question out of three that were more than prominent was Biden was anti- fight like Obama and said clearly that the last thing that America needed was another war, tour Ryan, like Romney said they would continue to increase troops and forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they do foresee a war in the making with Iran payable to Iran-U.S clashes. 2) Secondly, Ryan defended well, the fiery questions from Biden, about his Taxes plans and Federal Policy facts 3) Ryan was not able to reserve his composure upon questions regarding Foreign policy matters especi completelyy the Middle East situation, and National security matters such as combating terrorism (Miles). Ryan had the edge everyplace Biden from the start by 42% to 25% margin (Espo, and Daly). But due to his young age and lack of experience and political insight, he failed to get a strong clutch pedal of the debate and ended up being wonky and puzzled about questions regarding their tax related policies and alien policy predictions. I am personally in favor of Bidens take on all over the debate issues, as he tackled the situations with a lot of reason and logic, and without exaggeration he had facts and figures to shop his arguments, and his age, experience and Political know how helped him immensely, to get the audiences attention. 4)Although, it is hard to decide which candidate won the debate, as both had their strong and weak moments, just now Biden had a clear, easily sensed edge over his rival Ryan. Ryan sounded wonky, less expressive, less concrete and lacking in polit ical rationale. Part 4) 4)2012 results VOTES % WON Barack Obama 62,611,250 50.6% Mitt Romney 59,134,475 47.8 Others 1,968,682 1.6 (Andrews et al ). extraction AP. Map Barack Obama won the United States Election 2012 by leading from the front, either of the candidates, Barack H. Obama, and Mitt Romney, had to secure 270 pose to achieve the highly anticipated victory. Barack Obama won with 332 Electoral Votes, while Mitt Romney ended up with 206 Votes (Andrews et al ). The Map Analysis prior to the close Electoral Campaign shows that President Obamacarries a momentous, edge over former Massachusetts governorMitt Romneyin the battle for 270 electoral votes this fall, according to the first detail analysis of the map conducted by the Fix ( Chris , and Aaron Blake ) Obama starts the general election with 15 states (plus the District of Columbia) and 196 electoral votes fix him while Romney begins with 21 states and 170 electoral votes firmly in his corner. (One of the states sturdily for Romney is Indiana, where Obama won in 2008 but no one expects a repeat performance in 2012). Another three states Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes), Michigan (16) and New Mexico (5) incline toward Obama while Arizona (11) and Missouri (10) lean toward Romney. Adding them up lends Obama 237 electoral votes and Romney 191 electoral votes. (Chris, and Aaron Blake) The SWING States While Obama was a much likely candidate than Romney, victory will be obdurate by the nine swing states

Acute vs Chronic abdominal pain Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Acute vs Chronic abdominal painful sensation - Essay ExampleAs result, they see acute abdominal pain. Diverticulitis is another common throw of acute pain among people in this period group. This is a condition whereby pouches develop on the walls of the colon. Older patients likewise experience bowel obstruction that whitethorn result from cancerous cells (Lyon & Clark, 2006). Common causes of acute abdominal pain in a 20-year -olds priapic may be due to indigestion, stomach irritation, and parasitic infections. Chronic abdominal pain in a 50-year-old male can be caused by colon cancer, gallstones or appendicitis. In a younger patient, chronic pain can be caused by pancreatitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis and liver disorder (Greenberger, 2014).In reference to diagnosis, it is more likely to misdiagnose a 50-year-old as compared to a 20-year-old. This is because older patients are prone to other co-existing diseases that may be the hidden cause of abdominal pain (Bryan, 2015). As compared to younger patients, diagnosis in older patients does not rely on symptoms such as fever, nausea and vomiting (Tazkarji, 2008). This is because most of them do not exhibit these symptoms. Older adults also present late symptoms. All in all, both young and old patients require specialized treatment (Penner, 2015).Greenberger, N. J. (2014). Chronic and Recurring Abdominal Pain. Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. Retrieved from

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Company Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

participation Law - Essay ExampleLimited liability possessed by companies shield shareholders and theater music directors from any cost related to the follows failure. Genuine failure of course, which occurs even after a diligent focal point of a business, followed by a subsequent change of integrated entity, can be viewed as a legitimate utilization of the corporate form. Fraudulent genus Phoenix activity, in its basic form, involves an entity carrying out its business via assemblage of debt with no intention of re-servicing the debt for wealth creation and giving a boost to the business cash strike (Hannigan, 2012). The corporate entity then liquidates in order to avoid being made to repay their debts. However, the business exists down the stairs a different name but is controlled by the same group of individuals. However, most fraudulent phoenix arrangements are more sophisticated than this. A typical arrangement of this nature is structured as follows a closely held gro up is put up, consisting of various entities such as matchless, which plays the role of human resource management. The entity supercharged with hiring labor normally has one director who does not serve as the groups eventual(prenominal) controller. The entity has very few assets and minimal share capital. When the labor hire entity cannot fulfill its liabilities, it is put into liquidation or administration by the ATO. Another labor hire entity is put up, with the labor moved to work to a lower place the new entity, with the process being repeated with limited or no disruptions to daily operations. The financial benefits reaped from amateur liabilities are then shared out among the whole group. An example of this involves a labor hire business with an annual turnover of thirty million dollars and negligible assets, which is made up of fragmented operations through fifty-three related companies. These companies lodged accurate BA statements but did not remit the amounts require d under the PAYG system. The director of the single company then proceeded to liquidate all of the other companies in a matter of one week, moving his two thousand seven hundred strong work force into eight saucily created entities and went on trading. The director then proceeded to flee the country with over eight million dollars in undischarged taxes. The labor hire firm continues its trade activities without complying with the set down obligations. Rule Australias regime of corporate law is based on the Corporations make believe 2001, which provides for the separation of control and ownership and imposes specific duties on directors, aimed at ensuring that they stay loyal to the company (Macmillan, 2012). The duties that are expected from the director are, in addition to those they have, under planetary law. If a director gets involved in phoenix activities, then he or she breaches several director duties such as duties that concern proper information use, duty not to allow a company to keep accumulating debt during insolvency, and the duty of good faith. Fraudulent phoenix activity could also involve contraventions of part 5.8A nutrition of the corporations ACT that aim to protect the entitlement of employees, as well as voidable transactions. During these circumstances, civil recovery mechanisms, coupled with other general law features, which seek to protect company members and creditors against operators with unscrupulous intentions, may be started (Pennington, 2011). However, the Act required several amendments as

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Cruise Inc., Big Money on The High Seas Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Cruise Inc., Big Money on The High Seas - Essay caseThese portions mainly includes, casino, bar, shopping mall, art auction and the speciality restaurants. After the sales of bookings, these parts of the cruise armed suffice NCL to generate the desired amount of revenue. However, the initial revenue generator is the most important part to append productivity for NCL because if the cruise has on-board passengers then it will acquire the opportunity to sell its services on get around prices. NCL does stresses its focus upon the profitability and losses in terms of finance but the productivity of NCL cannot completely be measured on the basis of its financial profits and losses. The biggest reason for this is risks which are involved in the cruising occupation in which a single normal challenge like rain or liquor famine can cost significant losses to NCL. In these regards the productivity which is significantly important for NCL is not entirely measured in terms of total profi ts made. It incorporates the season, profits and losses, customer responses to service and most importantly the overall sales from each section of the journey. Question 2 The major target population for NCL is the kernel economic class. The biggest reason for this is the severe economic crisis which every individual and state is going through. In fulfilling its use to seek the attention of middle economic class, range of bookings and services packages varies from significantly reasonable and affordable prices to vastly elevated and high prices. Despite of prices, the service package which is provided by NCL to its customers is highly sufficient and captivating for consumers. The service package mainly includes resort, shopping mall, a total of eleven restaurants which varies in several distinct provender styles, live entertainment shows of professional standards, along with a casino and a bar. These services are offered to customers eyepatch travelling in the cruise. However, the service package of NCL also includes its stop at a town where many entertainment activities delight all of consumers with specialty food. Lastly, NCL is the only cruise liner which owns a private island for the onward motion of its service and for successfully thrives in the industry against its giant competitors. The service package provided by NCL to customers also includes a day at this privately owned island which is entirely designed to elevate the cruising experience of its customers in terms of quality. Question 3 In the steadily growing cruising industry, there are three major competitors which assay to thrive more efficiently into the business of cruising. Among the three well known corporations, fifty percent of the mart in the cruising industry is captured under the giant cruising corporation called Carnival Corporation. It is followed by another cruising giant, Royal Caribbean Cruises which is imposing on the rest of thirty percent of cruising trade. The remain ing twenty percent of industrys market is owned by NCL that signifies the importance of competition for NCL to survive in the industry. For NCL, the competitive priorities are entirely establish on the expansion of its cruising business by acquiring more customers to consume the services provided by this corporation. To quarter consumers is the one of the most important segment because these consumers are the main source of profit for any cruising company. If more consumers will be acquired

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Case studyfinish 2 questions as i send you Essay

Case studyfinish 2 questions as i send you - Essay Exampletals that outrun the ability of topical anesthetic firms to compete on the same craft scale with them, and as such, have to seek other ways of protecting themselves from the competition posed by such international corporations.The Coca Cola Company, for instance, is one of the major multinational corporations operating in mainland China as the leading market place player in beverage drinks. In fact, the fellowship holds nearly 16% of the total market share control of beverages in the Chinese market, which is a huge threat to the local players in the industry. The company is currently planning to spend $ 4 billion between 2015 and 2017 in the Chinese market in order to cut off the stiff competition it is getting from the here as the worlds most popular beverage drink market. This is just a sign of how lots competition the local firms face from established multinational corporations. As such, apart from these firms coming in to the domestic market with huge outlays of capital, they also come in with a reputable brand image recognized everywhere a global scale, which makes it difficult for domestic firms to fight their competitive wave.Jianlibao is one of the leading domestic brands in beverage production in China. The brand had humongous success within its home market during the nineties that spurred the sports drink maker to pursue its dream of expanding into international markets abroad. This move was totally out of line with the companys local prospects of protecting and safeguarding its domestic playing field from international market players. For instance, its expansion to heaps of overseas markets created room for the entry of new international players like Coca Cola, which came in with a bang, and aspired to seclude over the local market.As such, Coca Cola produced a local brand that blended fitly with the Chinese market, the Kekou Kele, which is among the most effective strategies employed b y international firms to adapt to local Chinese markets, as well as, connect with local

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Economic Philosophy Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Economic Philosophy - Term Paper prototypeThough there are theories that can be described as being best meet to beg off crime, the question is whether it can be argued that there is the best punishment that can help take down criminal acts in the world. It is worth noting that scholars have held different points of view concerning whether there can be a theory that can explain in totality the criminal behavior of the contemporary society. Advancing this debate, this written report uses Gary Becker point of view to argue as to whether that there can be an appropriate punishment to pot with criminal behavior in the contemporary societies. In justifying this statement the paper would utilize the four interpreter approach centered on three theories Rational choice theory, Strain theory, and Labeling theory.In social rail line theory, Robert Merton, postulates that approximately individuals have very similar aspiration, however, they do not all have similar abilities or opportun ities. According to this theory, whenever individuals fail to realize the expectations of the society by approved means such as slow gratification, and hard work, such persons might attempt to achieve their success through crime. Although this theory has played a significant role in sociological theorization of crime, limitation identifies in this theory, indicate that the theory cannot explain in totality what can drive individuals into committing crime. Cohen the first critique of Robert merton theory, there is ample amount of neglectful or crime behavior that is malicious, negativistic, and non-utilitarian. This indicates that not all crimes can be explicable with the use of Mertons theory. As much as Mertons theory can explain well, crimes such as theft, and fraudulence on such basis as innovation, this theory does not explain youth crimes that in most cases are involved in for social status reason rather than material acquisition. Moreover, Strain theory fails to address ade quately issues such as gender and race and it

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Kodak Industry Evaluation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Kodak Industry Evaluation - Essay ExampleThey should weigh on both sides so that they exit win more customers and at the same time making profits and not losses. As the food market share of Kodak is higher at 67%, this shows that the need of the products is also higher. This shows that Kodak should amaze more products to meet the lift demand from customers and curb the shortages. To meet this tar set about, Kodak should sacrifice qualified staff, sure germ of materials, and source of finance. Kodak result have to recruit more staff so that the existing staff entrust not work downstairs pressure. In addition, they should organize seminars to train the staff so that they can determine new skills, which will change them to fit in the current situation (Greco & Wharton, 2007, p. 166). Having opportunities like promotion, and free training should motivate staff so that they will work hard enabling the fabrication to meet the target. The staff should be given rewards when the y do a commendable job. This will motivate other employees and staff to work harder in that they will assemble rewards. In doing this, the industry will meet its targets through spending on the rewards. Kodak should establish a reliable source of peeled materials for use in the industry. The supply of the materials should be continuous to enhance the continuous fictionalisation of the films whilst sustaining the customer demand. This will make the customers rely on the industry in that they can get the products when they demand them. In addition, the industry should have enough funds for acquiring the raw materials, training staff, and pay the employees in this process. If there is a shortage in the funds, Kodak can borrow from financial institutions for stable watercourse of raw materials in the industry. The funds will be used in procurement and... As the report declares Kodak should produce more products to meet the rising demand from customers and curb the shortages. To mee t this target, Kodak should have qualified staff, reliable source of materials, and source of finance. Kodak will have to recruit more staff so that the existing staff will not work under pressure. In addition, they should organize seminars to train the staff so that they can acquire new skills, which will enable them to fit in the current situation/This paper stresses that Kodak should establish a reliable source of raw materials for use in the industry. The supply of the materials should be continuous to enhance the continuous manufacture of the films whilst sustaining the customer demand. This will make the customers rely on the industry in that they can get the products when they demand them. In addition, the industry should have enough funds for acquiring the raw materials, training staff, and paying the employees in this process. If there is a shortage in the funds, Kodak can borrow from financial institutions for stable flow of raw materials in the industry. The funds will be used in procurement and transporting raw materials to the industry and finished goods to the market. After stabilizing this, the customers will get Kodak anytime they demand. Employees and others professionals who may be called in the industry will be paid through the funds acquired from sources like borrowing.

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Discuss the role of ideology in American-Russian relations between Essay - 1

Discuss the role of ideology in American-Russian relations between 1881 and 1920 - Essay ExampleThe Americans viewed this act as exploratory, especially to their interests. The United States responded in a mood that was interpreted as interference by many players. This is the case when some countries in Asia and parts of europium engaged in political revolutions as a way of solving some of their political problems.A variety of actors led to different ideologies concerning the American-Russian conflicts. Persons who ideologically believed that their differences formed the building blocks for cold war were orthodox, post-revisionist or revisionist.2 fit in to the orthodox view, the ideologies perpetuated by the Soviets were solely to blame for the initiation of cold war. These were specifically the Stalin and Lenin paranoia. In their view, the post revisionists matte up that all these claims were entirely misconceptions and not true. Nonetheless, the Revisionist, better known as th e New Left held the view that the shank cause of cold war was the United States hatred of communism.3An additional important role arising from ideology conscious the views of the U.S on the foreign revolutions. Initially, several countries where revolutions were taking place leaned towards communism. This made the US perceive such actions as instigated by Russia. Apparently, Russia had spread its influence to the Latin America, Austria-Hungary, Germany and France.4 Additionally, the Americans were not at peace because the Russians were emulating their actions by embracing exchangeable strategies. These cycles of patterns that included the radical revolutions disillusioned the United Sates. The ideology also played a role in increasing fears in the United States over radicalism during the 1870s. The US felt that the urban working classes were increasingly go radicalized based on rapid industrialization. Other sources of fear were the coming into power of socialist and populist par ties and unions crosswise the globe.5Ideology also pitted communism against capitalism in

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Obama Vs. Clinton Essay Example for Free

Obama Vs. Clinton EssayThe Affordable Health financial aid subroutine is a very in-depth process. The limitings to the wellness mete out system were attempted to be passed in prior years by Bill Clinton. However, it failed at this time and was implemented in the United States by the current president Barack Obama. The Congress diversity of Democrats vs. republicans was very similar in twain Clintons and Obamas time in office. in that location were many travel that were taken in creating this policy, and some of those locomote succeeded, and some of those steps failed. Any new process would be expected to have some issues to work through as it was created. The Affordable Health like Act smooth has some issues to work on, but many steps succeeded and that is why it has been implemented during Obamas term. Health Care Reform was in some ways similar in both Obama and Clintons proposals, but considerablely different as well.Clintons main focus in the policy was to make health care mandatory for every(prenominal) Americans and have universal coverage. Employers would pay 80 percent of the cost of health policy premiums, with the employee covering the remaining costs (Khan, 2014). However, both policies have the same goal of providing health insurance to all people. Each policy creates the ways of completing this task differently. Clintons health care reform contrive was very complex. It involved high levels of regime involvement in the health care industry. A federal national health board would have overseen the health system, and would be tasked with regulating premiums and overseeing benefits (Khan, 2014). Health care alliances at the state level would conduct a similar task, and states would have had the authority to regulate plans and have the plectron to create a single-payer system (Khan, 2014).The policy would be more of a government takeover, than assisting Americans with healthinsurance. This was something that was non found to be favorable by many stakeholders. Obamas reform allows for people with private insurance to keep their insurance. He is creating a government insurance company to compete with the private insurance companies. However, Obama still faces struggles with Republicans being opposed to this idea as well. The concern of finances was also purposed similar in both policy creations. Both presidents plan on the bill not adding to the deficit of the country. Another similarity amidst the two plans was that insurances companies could no longer deny a client because of their previous medical conditions.This has been another roaring step in the process. Health Care Reform was created very similar but still with great differences between each president. The Affordable Health Care Act was winnerful for Obama mostly because of the way he pushed the bill through congress. Obama used Clintons health care reform failures as lessons and a form of what not to do. This made him round to learn from past fa ilure and make changes along the way. Different steps were taken in creating both of the policies. As Clinton moved slowly on this policy, Obama pushed his through quickly (Oberlander, 2014). pitiable quickly was a decision that helped the policy succeeding, whereas, moving slowly caused it to fail. However, both presidents did pitch their speech about the Affordable Health Care Act before a joint session of Congress. This was not a conquestful step for either president. Both Obama and Clinton did not have great support for the policy, and this caused great suffering.Obama allowed for election methods in this policy whereas Clinton did not. Although both presidents had a wonderful idea, the steps that they took in implementing the policy are what changed the success of it. Both policies have similar stakeholders. When discussing health care insurance the stakeholders do not often change because the policies were slightly different. Stakeholders consist of business, insurance comp anies, and the American Medical Association. Other stakeholders consist of the people of the United States of America. There was much skepticism about the policy plans that both presidents were rolling out by the people of America. It is great that the presidents did not only look at stakeholders of large companies, but the everyday people of the community and employees of the health care industry as stakeholders as well.There were also government stakeholders in bothpolicies. However, the government level of stakeholders was greater in Clintons policy because his consist of government takeover. Stakeholders are crucial to the success of any policy. The Affordable Health Care Act has so far been successfully implemented by Obama. However, like any other new policy there are some issues still to be worked on. Obama was a success on passing this policy because he used the mistakes of the past to make his policy succeed. Even though there were struggles and steps that failed in Obamas plan as well, there were more that succeed. Clintons policy was more government based and had many failures. The stakeholders for both presidents policies were similar. The Affordable Health Care Act has been in progress by many presidents for many years. However, it has been Obamas plan that has been the most successful. file name extensionOberlander, J. (2014). Long Time Coming Why Health Reform Finally Passed. Retrieved from http//content.healthaffairs.org/content/29/6/1112.fullKhan, H. (2014). Throwback to 1993? Whats New About Democrats Health Care Plans. Retrieved fromhttp//abcnews.go.com/Politics/HealthCare/health-care-reform-president-obama-path-bill-clinton/story?id=8675596

Adversary vs. Civil Law Essay Example for Free

Adversary vs. Civil Law judgeThe two legal dusts in question are the adversary arranging, most commonly pr formiced in the United States, and the civil impartiality system, as well referred to as the inquisitorial system, most commonly practiced in European countries. Both systems commence the same goal to find the loyalty. However, separately system has a very different path to justice. The adversarial system implies that two parties assume opposite positions in debating the guilt or innocence of an individual. In this scenario, the judge is inevitable to be neutral at the contest unfolding before him or her. The role of the judge in this arrangement is to ensure the trial proceeds according to the procedural rules of trial or due border of law and that reason entered is done so accordingly. The basis of this approach in criminal matters in which two sides engage in debate and battle about the guilt or innocence of an accuse and since each side wants to win, then t he debate will foster a critical look at the issues and the evidence to be examined by both parties.See moreMasters of Satire John Dryden and Jonathan Swift EssayBy engaging in this discourse, the truth should emerge as the judge watches on. This means that the roles played on both sides are very distinct. The falsifying counsel as one adversarial ships company gather the arguments to argue the client and attacks the credibility and worthiness of the evidence presented. The prosecutor puts forth the arguments on behalf of the state and gathers and presents the evidence pointing that the impeach has committed an offense. The judge is the referee and arbitrator on issues related to clarifying what the law is. The judge does non intervene on any side except where procedural fairness is jeopardized by either party as dictated by the ordinal Amendment. In an inquisitorial system, a judge is involved in the preparation of evidence along with the police and in how the various parties are to present their vitrine at the trial. The judge questions witnesses in depth and can even call witnesses to appear while prosecution and defense parties can ask follow up questions. The judge plays the central role in finding the truth and all the evidence that either proves the innocence or guilt of the accused before the court. The judge takes on the role of prosecutor and judge in the inquisitorial system. Some other major distinctions is that there are no jury trials in an inquisitorial system and a judge can force an accused to make statements and answer questions. This differs dramatically from the common law and adversarial safe non to take the stand in ones own defense. In my opinion, I prefer an adversarial system. I think it does a better job of protect the rights of those accused of crime than does the inquisitorial system. One of the key reasons for this is the use of juries in an adversarial system. In an inquisitorial system, adjudicate determine the facts, a nd then make their decision. Often a small number of judges would make that decision, and peradventure even just one man. In contrast, a jury is made up of 12 people, non always which allows for a broader range of experiences and opinions, which ought to secure more consideration of what has been proved. Another weakness of the inquisitorial system is the role that the judges play. Not only do they act as the judge and the jury, they will much act as prosecutors.This is a huge conflict of interest, and is extremely harmful to the accused. A judge who is also acting as a prosecutor is not going to be unbiased, and will not act as a neutral decision maker. In an adversarial system, however, the prosecutor is separate from the judge, and appears before the judge alike any other lawyer. The United State could never use the civil law system because of underlying problems. For instance, to avoid putting responsibility for the search of truth in the hands of judicial agents of the sta te the Sixth Amendment guarantees the right to trial by jury but of course civil law countries generally do not use juries except for certain countries in capital cases. Other rights include the right to sound council to testify on his/her behalf to compel the testimony of others to confront accusers and the right to cross examination. The Fifth Amendment privilege of self-incrimination save limits the powers of the states. Good job identifying multiple constitutional problems and pointing out where the protections are found in the Constitution. Case in Point State of New Mexico v Valdez, 95 N.M 70 (Supreme Ct. of N.M., 1980) underline or italicize case name The defendant in this case, Richard Valdez, had been convicted of armed robbery in a district court. He appealed since a fellow inmate, Richard Garcia, had confessed to the crime in front of his former attorney, Alice Hector, who was a public defender. Also present during the confession was Garcias attorney, a public defender under Hector, the district public defender. This attorney warned Garcia that Hector was not his attorney and any statement Garcia made would be used at the defendants trial and could be perverting to his own interests. Garcia repeated his confession to Hector and indicated his willingness to testify on defendants behalf. Garcia later changed his mind and exercised his Fifth Amendment right refusing to testify. The court upheld an objection to Hectors testimony of the confession based on attorney-client privilege. Although Ms. Hector was not directly involved in the representation of Garcia, her staff was, and all information obtained by them was thereby imputed to her.

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Fast food industry Essay Example for Free

Fast sustenance patience EssayFast food industry has been in existence for the past years. The growing popularity of the industry gave way for many businessmen to put up many branches or chains in different parts of the country. This leads to the birth of fast food chains, by which Jollibee, McDonalds, KFC, Mang Inasal, Chowking, WOK Express and Greenwich atomic number 18 few examples. People prefer to go into fast food chains non just because of their food preference but because they serve their customer in a quick manner. Since their products are in demand to the customers, they need to maintain a specific level of inventory in golf club to respond to the needs of their customers. Because of the unpredictable demand of customers, management of fast food chains is struck in a dilemma of ordering the right level of their raw materials for production. That is why it is important that fast food chains know the policies in determining their inventory level or size. The size of inventory stocked by fast food chains depends on forecasted requirements and product popularity as demanded.Inventory shortage or erratic delivery of ingredients for production can prevent the manufacturer from completion of its finished products. The importance of the reckon includes knowing if low or high level of inventory will have great cause on production of fast food industry. Studying the inventory levels of fast food chains and their effect on production will allow the researchers to venture more into the depth of the inventory process of all(prenominal) business.

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Feasibility Study Essay Example for Free

Feasibility Study Essay2.1 FEASIBILITY STUDYThe feasibility of the childbed is analyzed in this phase and business proposal is put forth with a very oecumenical plan for the project and nearly cost estimates. During organisation analysis the feasibility carry of the proposed ashes is to be carried out. This is to ensure that the proposed system is not a burden to the company. For feasibility analysis, some understanding of the major requirements for the system is essential.Three key considerations involved in the feasibility analysis beECONOMICAL FEASIBILITY technological FEASIBILITYSOCIAL FEASIBILITYECONOMICAL FEASIBILITYThis study is carried out to check the economic move that the system will present on the organization. The amount of fund that the company can pour into the enquiry and development of the system is limited. The expenditures must be justified. Thus the developed system as well at bottom the budget and this was achieved because most of the technologies used are freely available. Only the customized products had to be purchased.TECHNICAL FEASIBILITYThis study is carried out to check the technical feasibility, that is, the technical requirements of the system. Any system developed must not have a high demand on the available technical resources. This will lead to high demands on the available technical resources. This will lead to high demands being placed on the client. The developed system must have a modest requirement, as only minimal or null changes are required for implementing this system.SOCIAL FEASIBILITYThe aspect of study is to check the train of acceptance of the system by the user. This includes the process of training the user to use the system efficiently. The user must not feel peril by the system, instead must accept it as a necessity. The level of acceptance by the users only depends on the methods that are employed to educate the user about the system and to make him familiar with it. His level of confidence mu st be raised so that he is also able to make some constructive criticism, which is welcomed, as he is the final user of the system.

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Importance of Water Essay Example for Free

Importance of Water EssayIn order to fulfill his desires, man exploits the environmental factors to a greater extent, by which the environment loses its natural capacity for self-stabilization. The impact of mans various activities that are harmful to the environment are * Increase in population density. * Rapid urbanization * Massive industrial developing * Inadequate food and * Depletion of resources. To meet the increasing demands of time, human beings deliberately exploit the natural environment to meliorate their quality of life.Unknowingly, different environmental activities such as construction of roads dams, airports, buildings, irrigation projects, power plants and industries have round negative repercussions on the environment in which man lives. Thus, the readingal activities are unsustainable for global ecosystem. But we cannot anticipate these activities. For the increment of the nation, these activities are essential. Industrial growth is directly related to nations economy. Construction of major and minor irrigation projects and development of new power plants must not be frozen.Hence at the present context, when man has reached at twenty first century, no body would want for technological stagnation. On the other hand, excessive ontogenesis of the environment through these technological implications leads to disaster. Hence, there is the problem of one word pollution. So what is needed is the environmental management and sustainable development. Sustainable development is implied to regulate the demands of man in such a carriage that the ability of the same environment to sustain his development will remain un-repaired,. is the version of Bindu N. Lohani.Hence oftentimes emphasis is given on environmental management and sustainable development. It is as a discipline by itself is growing rapidly and no way it proposes to halt economic growth and to stop technical development rather it aims at achieving that sustainable rate of eco nomic growth which is necessary to meet mans material require whilst conserving scarce natural resources and protecting both the external and the internal environments, says Dr.Uma Shankar, senior faculty constituent of Management Development Institute, New Delhi. Hence, sustainable development and environmental management are essential for utility both the quality of the environment and the quality of human life. For that source areas are identified to give limit priorities.

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Ethical Problems in Mass Media Essay Example for Free

Ethical Problems in Mass Media EssayVirtuous conclusions of photographers Publishing photographs that show ain calamity and are questionable in their moral standards with those concerning privacy and those nearly inflicting additional harm on victims eject be supported by Aristotles Virtue Ethics. This should be supported because, as a news organization, photographing what is attend ton shows the magnitude of the situation and documents as it happened. The number of lifelike material such(prenominal) as was seen in the Bakersfield Californian.Photographer John Harte snapped eight frames after he responded to a all on the police scanner reporting a drowning. He arrived at a lake northeast of Bakersfield, California to the scene of divers still looking for a drowning victim. When the body of five-year-old Edward Romero was brought to shore a few minutes later, Harte went against what most of the other photojournalists and television crew did, which was opt out, and took p hotographs of the body while the family members, who were on the lake shore, began to grieve. His editor, Robert Bentley, made the decision to run the photograph.The ethical question that surfaced when the public reacted to he photograph was to run somebodyal tragedy photographs and exposing more(prenominal) grief on family members of the boy. Aristotles cardinal virtues of Justice, prudence, temperance and courage support what Harte and Bentley did when they ran the photograph of the boy. Hartes decision to take the photograph shows courage because he did it to the best of his own moral standing. This isnt the first time photographs that claim been graphic and showing in-person tragedy have been published.In A State of Emergency, photojournalist Gabriele Stabile took photographs in March 2009. That month, a wave of spring thunderstorms flooded Gazas unpaved streets and blew down relief tents for families displaced by plod Lead (2011). The reason why the photographs were publish ed and defended through the virtue theory is because people from everywhere can relate to this seeing a grown man crying is always heartbreaking, especially if its some unrivalled whose unremarkable challenges are far tougher than the ones we experience (2011).Furthermore, non only is the media used in newspapers but in courtrooms as well, which documents graphic scenes of the crime scene and victims as well. Although the use of such ascertainry has become the norm, the prejudicial record of this evidence continues to be a contested issue in courtrooms across America. Criminal defense attorneys routinely submit motions in limine to restrict or exclude crime scene photos on the grounds they localise undue focus on the victim and generate sympathy.Civil defense attorneys submit similar motions, positing that such evidence, which may be relevant for determining damages, has an improper impact on Jurors assessments of liability. Under some(prenominal) circumstances, judge exercise their discretion nd usually allow the Jury to see some, if not all, of the images (2009). This shows that the Judges utilize the virtue theory have to decide whether it is 0K to show published photographs of the crime scene and victims that have been harmed, or it they avoid snowing it at all because ot the lawyers arguments tor or against it.Most of the time, the Judge will choose to show some, if not all, of the images. This example is included because Judges are like photographers in that they trust the whole story shown and they want to be the communicator in getting Justice r awareness out to the population, no matter how graphic the material is. Counterarguments/refutation People have disagreed in that they take the utilitarianism theory approach which states that it minimizes harm and reduces suffering. umteen would argue that publishing photographs that are graphic have caused the family more harm and increased their suffering by having their grief made public.An example of this would be when Ki-Sak Han was pushed in front of subway train and when his body was brought back up onto the platform, many photographers started snapping pictures of the body. Many photo takers have been desensitized by watching the traditional news media do unbecoming things, such as stick a microphone in the face of a distraught person to probe their feelings. In the case of subway victim Han, many people would be morally anger that others snapped pictures Just after his death (2012).The reason why people get offended with personal tragedy photographs is, We think, What if that were someone in my family? (2012). It causes more pain on the family from a utilitarianism point of view. Not only is it personal tragedy photographs that raises peoples hackles but hotographs that are graphic in the case of photographer Sandy Felsenthal who was a former photographer for The Commercial Appeal. Felsenthal exhibited 35 photographs on the newspaper lobby walls before nine non-new s employees objected to the give away as trash.The photographs that were labeled offensive included two male bikers kissing, a Ku Klux Klan rally, an interracial couple, a punk rockers throat in action and semi-nude dancers with their backs turned (1983). The photographs were graphic and not directly traffic with personal tragedy but more aboo practices in those times. It can be argued from a virtuous sales booth that he was capturing everyone to document in the news but the utilitarianism standpoint would counter-argue that he had caused suffering to those he photographed by exposing them and to those that had seen his photographs displayed before it was taken down.The best way to sum this up comes from Ralph Beddard who states It is therefore the use to which the photographic image may be put which should concern civil liberty activists. Human rights violations are likely to install where the use is not the ne originally envisaged. Everyone, in the liberty of private life, sh ould be allowed to act in any way which he or she chooses provided that this is within the law and the tenets of public morality. If such conduct is captured on a photograph which is publicized to the world at large, or to any particular named person, it could well prove to be humiliating or embarrassing.Whilst it is important to be oversensitive to the fleeting inhibitions or vanities of the individual, it is essential that such technology should not be used to rob any person of the sense of personal impartiality nd protective cover for which rights of privacy are framed. The value and utility which the photograph adds to the freedom and security of purchase order as a whole mustiness always be measured against the encroachment on the security ot litestyle ot the law-abiding person. In short, we must be aware of the inhibiting role of surveillance.The comment that the camera only sees what the gentleman eye could see, even if correct, is not a satisfactory response. One does n ot want everyone to see what one is doing all the time (1995). What this is saying is that capturing someones grief for the world to see is nvading their privacy and although the photographer can see exactly what is happening, it does not mean that everyone wants to see someone suffering or graphic photographs of a small fry drowned or a man hit by a subway.It also states that the value and utility must be measured against whether it causes an encroachment on the family members left behind by the tragedy that have to grip with the world knowing of their personal loss. The virtue theory defends photographers and their editors decision to publish photographs, that are often graphic, of personal tragedy. This is based on their good ntentions to record the truth as to what they see and to also dally about awareness to situations through capturing moments for the population to see.The utilitarian would argue that publishing such photographs would not help the families or people suffer ing from personal tragedy but cause them more harm in bare to the world of their loss and causing more suffering on them that has now been published for the world to see. Although both arguments are valid, the virtue theory is one that most photographers would follow because it is not them trying to cause more suffering to he people suffering from a personal tragedy but more for them to bring awareness to the community.

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Business Ethics Essay Example for Free

Business morality EssayFred, a 17-year employee with Sams Sauna, was fired for poor job performance and poor attendance, after accruing five corrective penalties within a 12-month period under the companys progressive disciplinary policy. A week later, Fred told his former supervisor that he had a substance abuse problem.Although there was no employee assistance program in keister and the company had not been aware of Freds condition, their force play director assisted Fred in obtaining treatment by allowing him to tolerate receiving insurance benefits and approved his unemployment insurance claim. Fred subsequently requested reinstatement, maintaining that he had been rehabilitated since his discharge and was fully capable of macrocosm a productive employee. He pointed to a letter written by his treatment counselor, which said that his chance for leading a clean, sober lifestyle was a big incentive for him.Fred pleaded for an another(prenominal) chance, arguing that his previous(prenominal) problems resulted from drug addiction and that Sams Saunas should have recognized and provided treatment for the problem. Sams Saunas countered that Fred should have notified his supervisor of his drug problem, and that everything possible had been through to help him receive treatment. Moreover, the company stressed that the employee had been fired for poor performance and absenteeism. Use of the progressive field of study policy had been necessary because the employee had committed a string of offenses over the course of a year, including careless workmanship, distracting others, use time, and disregarding safety rules.Questions1) Should Fred be reinstated? 2) Was the company fair to Fred in helping him receive treatment? 3) Did the personnel director behave ethically toward Fred? 4) Did he act ethically for his company? 5) Would it be fair to other employees to reinstate Fred?

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Rage Against Machine Three Rebels Essay Example for Free

Rage Against railcar Three Rebels EssayThe jockstraps of the novels Emma by Jane Austen, My detect is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain every pile a rebellious streak that twain sees them well and causes them trouble in their respective novels. However, these protagonists didnt operate with a wild disregard to the rules of their society and times. Rather, every trio characters are constrained in the end by the mores of Victorian England, Orthodox Jewish society and 19th century Southern values respectively. Exploring such aspects of Emma, My quote is Asher Lev, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, as theme, historical context, and psychological traits, it get out be shown that despite Emma Woodhouses disdain for the institution of marriage, Asher Levs living in the two seemingly opposite worlds of art and Jewish society, and Huckelberry Finns lack of respect for complaisant refinement and rules, the three protagonists d id not entirely succeed in their goals of living lives that went against the grain of their societies. Emma Woodhouse was described in the pages of Emma as a handsome, clever, and rich (Austen, p. 1, 1816) young woman who was the apple of her doting fathers eye and the mistress of Hartfield, their family estate. Taking credit for the matrimony of her former governess and a Mr. Weston, Emma decided to further hone her matchmaking skills by setting up her friend Harriet metalworker with various men of higher social spot. This interest in Harriet Smiths marriage prospects directly contradicts Emmas own pursual to ride out sensation in a society that offered women only bleak alternatives to marriage.Despite Emmas twin resolves to remain single and find Harriet a suitable mate, Emma eventu anyy caved into the demands that were made on women of high social locating when she gets engaged and realized that Harriet marrying a farmer named Robert Martin would forever alter their relatio nship. Asher Lev, the protagonist of My Name is Asher Lev, had loved to haul ever since he was small. His father, an important figure in the Ladover community, move to discourage his son from getting similarly serious intimately his art while his mother implored Asher to draw pictures that were pretty, an assault to her sons melancholy elegant temperment.Despite reading in an art book that an artist should be supernumerary of religion, country, etc, Asher decides that he will try to balance cosmos a devout Jew with being a passionate artist. Under the management of Jacob Kahn, a non-practicing Jewish artist, Ashers art and his knowledge flourishes as he explores the use of crucifixes in his work. Asher is uneasy rough showing the crucifixion pictures in a show, but he goes through with it, being true to his trade as an artist. The crucifixes ultimately prove to be Asher Levs undoing as he is shunned by his parents and the Ladover community in general.Huckleberry Finn, the protagonist in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, is an adolescent boy who enjoys looking for trouble with his friend tomcat Sawyer bearing more than trying to become a civilized boy at the hands of the widow and cut down Watson. After running away from his drunkard father, he decides to travel with Jim, who left Miss Watsons house afterward he found out that Miss Watson was thinking of selling him. Even though Huckleberry Fin grows devoted to Jim, he harbors doubts throughout the story about hiding a gambol striver.He even thinks about bit Jim in before deciding that having a conscience just wasnt worth the mental throe of losing his friend. In the end, the protagonists rebellious act of helping a slave escape his captors prove to be for vigor as Miss Watson, his former master, decides to set him free. All three novels have themes that somehow relate stand to rebellion or freedom. In Emma, the protagonist told her friend Harriet Smith that she never intend on getting ma rried, a bold pronouncement in Victorian England.Her reasons are simple Fortune I do not want employment I do not want consequence I do not want I believe few married women are half as much(prenominal) mistress of their husbands house as I am of Hartfield (Austen, p. 74, 1816) What Emma was saying was that her social status allowed her the freedom to graph her own course throughout demeanor, an option given to few women at the time. Another way that Emma tried to rebel against the social customs of Victorian England was to find her friend Harriet a mate of high social status.Since Harriets bloodline was unknown, most mess would have scoffed at a pairing of Harriet with a man give care Mr. Elton or Frank Churchill. Mr. Knightley echoes this sentiment when talking to Mrs. Weston Hartfield will only put her out of conceit with all the other places she belongs to. She will grow just refined enough to be uncomfortable with those among whom birth and circumstances have placed her hom e. (Austen, p. 31,1816) Freedom is the overarching theme of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.At the beginning and end of the novel, the protagonist yearns to be free from the rules and civilization of 19th century polite Southern society. For a boy that seemed to be hemmed in by clean clothes and spelling lessons, floating on a pile must have seemed care heaven Other places do seem so cramped up and smothery, but a raft dont. You feel mighty free and easy and comfortable on a raft. (Twain, p. 134, 1985) The novel even ends with Huckleberry Finn brilliant to run away looking for more adventures, claiming that he been there before (Twain, p.296, 1985) with the civilized life. One of the themes of My Name is Asher Lev is the protagonists struggle between life as a devout Jew and life as an artist commit to his craft. This battle is evident on the first page as Asher Lev introduces himself to a reader that is already old(prenominal) with his work. In this passage, Asher tears h imself apart yet defends himself at the same time, showing uncertainty years later with his decision to show the crucifixes I am an observant Jew. Yes, of course, observant Jews do not paint crucifixions.As a matter of fact, observant Jews do not paint at all-in the way that I am painting I am a traitor, an apostate, a self-hater, an inflicter of shame upon my family Well, I am none of those things. And yet, in all honesty, I confess that my accusers are not altogether wrong I am indeed, in some way, all of those things. (Potok, p. 1, 1972) It was established earlier that Emma rebelled against Victorian society by resolving to stay single and fix up her friend Harriet with a man above her social status.As the novel ended with Emmas engagement to Mr. Knightley and Harriets engagement to Robert Martin, Emma realized that rebellion wasnt quite her cup of tea, deciding to let her friendship with Harriet pivot to that of social goodwill The intimacy between her and Emma must sink their friendship must change into a calmer sort of goodwill (Austen, p. 435, 1816) At the start of the novel, Emma wanted to live her life according to her rules, but by the end became caught up in the social mores of Victorian England.Sharing the psychological trait of rebelliousness with Emma Woodhouse, Huckleberry Finn did everything he could to escape the stifling life of rules and convention, even traveling the length of the Mississippi River with a runaway slave. However, the protagonist almost gave in to social conventions several times when he seriously concept about turning Jim in to the authorities. Huckleberry Finn even wrote a letter to Miss Watson telling her of Jims whereabouts, feeling better afterward.However, as Huckleberry Finn thought of all the things that Jim had done for him, he tears up the letter, saying All right, then, Ill go to loony bin (Twain, p. 223, 1985) The rebellious streak in Asher Lev started early. Even at a young age, Asher was willing to defend hi s gift, no matter the situation. For example, when Asher was called into the mashpias office for drawing a sinister picture of the Rebbe, Asher boldly stood up for his art to his judge father, something a polite Orthodox Jewish kid did not do in those times lunacy is something thats stupidFoolishness is something a person shouldnt do. Foolishness is something that brings harm to the world. Foolishness is a waste of time. please dont call it foolishness any more, Papa. (Potok, p. 129, 1972) Like Huckleberry Finn, Asher Lev knew how he wanted to live his life at a very young age. Also like Huck Finn, Asher was willing to thwart social conventions in assign to communicate this. Despite the rebellious streaks of Emma Woodhouse, Huckleberry Finn, and Asher Lev, the time periods in which the three novels take place largely serve to mute the three protagonists individuality.In Emma, for example, women of her class were expected to be married. Those who didnt were largely seen as pathet ic beings on which to take pity. The character of Miss Bates was presented as a ridiculous character, seen as a clown-like figure by Emma and others, and seen as an object of sympathy such characters as Mr. Knightley. Even Harriet Smith saw Miss Bates as someone to be pitied. However, Emma, Harriet, and even Jane Fairfax, thought to be doomed to a governess position, escaped Miss Bates circumstances by marrying according to the social customs of Victorian England.Rebellious in her youth, Emma realizes the error of her ways and did her womanly duty. The vile tradition of slavery provided a subtle color to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Yes, the protagonist became close friends with a runaway slave. However, it was obvious that Huckleberry Finn was conflicted about this friendship. One example of this conflict occurred when the protagonist meets his friend Tom Sawyer , who was on his way to visit relatives.When Tom suggests that they steal Jim away from the Phelps farm, Huckleb erry Finn is flabbergasted Well, I let go all holts, then, like I was shot. It was the most astonishing speech I had ever heard-and Im bound to say Tom Sawyer fell, considerable, in my estimation. (Twain, p. 235, 1985) In other words, it was ok for Jim to travel with Huck when they were in no peril of getting caught. Once caught, Jim was no longer Hucks problem. He was even surprised that anyone would go to the trouble of breakage the law to help a slave escape. Huckleberry Finn wasnt a bad person.He was just a dupe of pre-Civil War America. Growing up an Orthodox Jew who was also a gifted artist in the middle 20th century was a unique situation for Asher Lev. Throughout My Name is Asher Lev, the protagonist had tried valorously to combine being a devout Jew with being an even more devout artist. He notice the Jewish faith despite studying under a non-practicing Jewish artist and living in Europe for a while. At the end, something had to give in Ashers struggle between Judaism a nd art, and it ended up being his place in the Ladover community.As Asher walked down the street after the Rebbe cast him out of the community, he contemplates his life thus far I was demonic and devine Asher Lev was the child of the Master of the Universe and the Other Side. Asher Lev paints good pictures and hurts people he loves. (Potok, 367, 1972) From this passage, one can see how Asher Lev wondered whether the sacrifice was actually worth the love of his parents and his community. The protagonists of Emma, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and My Name is Asher Lev all sought to do things that were not really done in their times.Emma Woodhouse sought to raise the social status of her friend by marriage while remaining single herself in a time when both acts were looked down upon. Huckleberry Finn wanted to escape civilization while bringing along a runaway slave for company. Asher Lev wanted to combine the life of faith with the life of art in a time when no one would even t hink about the two concepts together. Ultimately, the times of the three rebel protagonists proved to be too much, dulling their mutinous acts.

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Investigation and prevention of child abuse Essay Example for Free

Investigation and pr howevertion of nestling demoralize EssayChild shout out is one of the nigh common kind-hearted right violations in the human confederation. fit to UNCEF reports, at least one infant dies every day as a resoluteness of fry offense. Nevertheless, the exact number of boor deaths as a result of chilled abuse is hindered by the event that most cases of child deaths in the communities goes without investigation. Still, an estimated over 30, 000 child in America are put downstairs protection registers annu entirelyy (American Prosecution Research shew 12). The world is approximated to have over 100 billion abused children most of whom are from the developing nations. However, these are just but a few of child abuse cases which are reported. There are numerous types of child abuse practices in the society. They range from child shaking, to child battering, to child negligence, to child sexual abuse (Perona, Bottoms, and Vieth 42). Such practices are blamed for having a negative impact on the psychological, physical, and social development of the child. The process of preventing child abuse effectively dictates for the participation of all particles of the community of interests in ensuring early identification of much(prenominal) problems (Perona, Bottoms, and Vieth 51).Creating a state of wareness among children as well as approximately other members of the community on the rights of children plays an instrumental role in mitigating child abuse in the community. Investigation of child abuse for legal charges involves numerous methods depending on the type and magnitude of the act. For instance, Physical sexual abuse on kids can either be self evident or call for medical procedures to qualify (Myers 46). The muniment of family relations plays a crucial role in child abuse investigation practices by lawfulness enforcement. This paper seeks to give a detailed discussion on the prevention and investigation of child abuse. bar of child abuse The realization of effective child abuse prevention entails the creation of awareness on the forms and how to identify child abuse as well as engaging efforts in mitigating risk factors to child abuse in the community (Perona, Bottoms, and Vieth 51). The problem of child abuse in the community is increased by lack of awareness by the public. According to available statistics for example, child sexual abuse incidences in the American society has its peak between the onset of puberty and adolescence (American Prosecution Research Institute 67).At this age, most of the victims have mental capability to identify and avoid being victims of sexual abuse. Based on this reasoning, creating able awareness among the child can greatly aid in mitigating child abuse practice in the community. In this pursuit, since 1983, the American nation has set April as Child Abuse Prevention Month. In addition, the authorities funds child-abuse prevention initiatives through its Commun ity-Based Grants for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (CBCAP) (American Prosecution Research Institute 71).Still on awareness, society cohesion factor plays an important role in preventing child (Myers 102). just as is the case with other forms of crime prevention practices, the local community members find much gain in the early identification and thus controlling of child abuse in their neighborhoods. This is be pay back they are the ones nourishment close to the sources of child abuse the family unit. Therefore, encouraging communal living among members of the community is instrumental in preventing child abuse. Another common practice of preventing child abuse is enforcing zero tolerance policies on interior(prenominal) violence.According to numerous research findings, it is established that families marked with couple violence have a higher preponderance of child abuse both physically and emotionally (Myers 112). There are numerous risk factors de frontierine for causing child abuse practices. Such include the social and economic position of the family and the local community and the effectiveness of the law enforcement and criminal justice system in addressing child abuse cases (Myers 108). It has been sufficiently claimed that mendicancy in the in family plays an instrumental factor in perpetuating child abuse practices such(prenominal) as neglect. financial constrains in the family also serves to cause stress and depression among parent, a factor that negatively impacts on the parent-child relationship. Still, an crazy mind is the devils workshop. Therefore, the sustainable prevention of child abuse dictates for resolving eminent economic problems that affecting members of the local community. Also found to influence the level of child abuse is the character and gender of the child. Statistical narrate indicates that most mentally or physically disabled children are found to be at risk of child abuse (Perona, Bottoms, and Vieth 61).Th e statistics also establish substantial evidence connecting gender classification as a clear cause of child abuse in the community. In particular, the girl child is prone to child abuse and neglect. In some countries, the girl child is rarely provided with equal procreation as the boy child. This is a denial of the children right to education. In addition, girls are common victims to forced marriages as well as prostitution. On the other hand, the boy child is comm save marked with forced labor. They are also the chief(prenominal) victims of corporal punishment compared to girls.These are the reasons behind the enactment and enforcement of numerous laws mitigating practices such as child erotica and prostitution and child labor (American Prosecution Research Institute 61). Many nations across the globe including the united States have banned corporal punishment of children both in the schools and in the family. This serves the purpose of limiting barbarian punishments on child ren. It is worth noting that the United Nations initiative on providing basic education to all children has taken cause in many countries across the globe.This initiative is quite instrumental in influencing prevention of anti-girl child education practices in the nation as much of its emphasis is on the girl child. Such an initiative is back up by numerous community based non-governmental organization. The war on drug abuse in the community is an important tool in mitigating child abuse. According to numerous research findings, drug abuse desire alcoholism is among the leading causes of domestic violence as well as child sexual abuse in the community (Myers 121).This claim has been evidently supported by the fact that drugs function in pliant the reasoning and judgmental ability of an individual. Such can also be explained by the fact that drugs call forth aggression and temper of the victim. In a move to mitigate this practice of drug abuse as a potential cause for child abuse , the American nation is found to spend billions of dollars on the war against drugs in the society. Investigation of child abuse The process of investigating child abuse is heavily myrmecophilous on the availability of claimed evidence of physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse.According to the available legal provisions some forms of child abuse such as child labor neglect, and failure to provide education as well as some forms physical abuse of are self evident (Myers 132). Therefore, the investigation of such practices is mainly based on reported evidence rather than dictating for medical procedures. Also commonly regard in the investigation practices is identifying the history of a child abuse problem. According to psychological principles, human problems such as emotional stress and depression are a direct result of long term abuse in children.Based on this, the period over which such abuse on a particular child should be provided as qualifying evidence against the defendan ts charged with child abuse (Myers 136). As per the requirements of the law, this evidence can be self proclaimed by the victim, given by a member of the local community or from a doctor. The doctor should conduct an extensive diagnosis on the posit matter to give admissible evidence. Such might cover but not limited to the completion of physical or emotional damage impacted on the child.However, the laws protecting children against abuse prohibit against even the slightest form of action against a child that can compromise their social, emotional, academic and physical development. Conclusion scorn the numerous efforts by governments and other community-based non-governmental organizations, child abuse remains a major problem in the global community. There are various causes of child abuse in the community. Such include domestic violence, cultural beliefs, economic status, and social practices in the community.The problem is further complicated by failure by the victims or membe rs of the community to reports such cases to the relevant authorities for legal action against the perpetrators. Therefore, effective child abuse prevention strategies must take into account the need for creating public awareness on the problem. It should also send much emphasis on resolving the main social and economic factors which promote child abuse. It is only through consulted cooperation among all stakeholders in the community that the war against child abuse can be successful.

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Reason for Pursuing Graduation degree in Heath care Administration Essay Example for Free

Reason for Pursuing Graduation degree in heathland lot Administration EssayEach individual has his own reason for pursue a down degree. Professionally, a graduate degree shows that the person has the motivation, ambition, and dedication to improve and thus strive to obtain a position in which s/he suffer apply and expand his/her knowledge base. The choice to strain additional education after investing four years in an undergraduate degree shows inscription to learning and recognition of self-worth.I chose to pursue a Masters degree because I deal that obtaining a graduate degree will definitely make me more marketable in the incorporated world. But my main goal is to broaden my horizon beyond the technical world, unlock career aspirations other than blocked, and enhance problem-solving and decision-making skills which lead me to do some excellent research base work in future.I am writing this statement in support of my application to study towards the Master of Health p low Administration degree at Worcester State University (WSU). Here the question is why am I pursuing my graduate degree in HCA/Public Health while I did my outset/ under graduation from Statistics? My answer is, I want to expand my career level in a broad stylus by opening some more windows and I believe, the public wellness will be a good choice for one of them. A healthcare Administration Degree can be apply in just about any health care related occupation, ranging from hospital CEO, to health insurance manager(who necessitate experience of statistics), to public health official(need statistics), to management consultant, health care analysis(need statistics) and more. Getting this degree under my roast now will ensure that I have a plethora of career options later on.I think health care and statistics are just like cousins. In to mean solar days world we are face up with situations everyday where statistics can be applied. Statistics can be used to determine the potential outcome of thousands of things where the tender-hearted mind alone wouldnt be able to. For example-Researchers prosecute scientific methods to gather data on valet de chambre populationsamples.The health care industry benefits from knowing consumer market characteristics such as age, sex, race, income and disabilities. These demographic statistics can predict the types of attends that people are use and the level of care that is affordable to them.Health care administrators refer statistics on service utilization to apply for grant funding and to justify budget expenditures to their governing boards.Quantitative research guides health care decision makers with statisticsnumerical data collected from measurements or observation that hunt the characteristics of specific population samples.Descriptive statistics summarize the utility, efficacy and costs of medical goods and services. Increasingly, health care organizations employ statistical analysis to measure their performanc e outcomes.Hospitals and other large provider service organizations implement data-driven, round-the-clock quality improvement programs to maximize efficiency.Government health and human service agencies gauge the overall health and well-being of populations with statistical information.Moreover, Public Service Leaders work behind the scenes at hospitals and other healthcare facilities to make sure that patients have access to quality health services. They are trained to manage the pecuniary aspects of hospital administration which include creating and managing budgets, conducting financial forecasting exercises to project future growth and expenditures and overseeing the day to day tracking of accounting data. Some of these healthcare business professionals are involved in public service but at a more strategic level as they work to guide constitution making decisions for both government agencies and private healthcare service providers.Students pursuing graduate degrees in Heal thcare Administration usually are interested in promoting quality healthcare to everyone not only from within the hospital base as doctor but from the outside in different necessary way. A graduate level Health Administration degree programs are usually filled with courses pertaining to quantitative analysis, chance and statistics and hypotheses testing. So, I believe Students who have interests in learning how to correctly design research studies, applying statistical models using the latest healthcare software tools and interpreting data to contribute to improve healthcare services do well in graduate level health administration coursework.

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Strengths And Weaknesses Of Ids Information Technology Essay

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Ids Information Technology EssayAlthough IDS is a useful addition to ensure security, it does well on some points, generated there atomic number 18 hush up some limitations with it. control board 5.1 summaries some the strengths and weaknesses of IDS.StrengthsWeaknessesMonitoring user behaviors and system event logs.Detection but not prevention.Testing the system configrutions of soldierys.False positive spyings. riding horse up baseline for the security state of a system, and tracking any wobbles to that baseline.False cast out undercover works.Protecting against known threats.Spoofing attacks.Recognizing patterns of activity that are unnatural.Cannot automatically look into attacks without human intervention.Centralized management.Delays of feeling update.Alerting to appropriate administrators with appropriate means.Easier to behave security supervise functions for non-security experts.Table 5.1 Strengths and Weaknesses of IDS.Monitoring user behaviors and system event logs One of the strengths of IDS is that it provides ability to monitor the system event logs of any drove, which make administrators to be aware when any changes on the hosts. They chamberpot also hold this information dispassionate by IDS to go user behaviors, thereby planning the security strategy and policies for their organizations accordingly.Testing the system configrutions of hosts IDS are also able to test the security states for every host, when the system is configured below par or a baseline, it alerts to administrators which host is hard-boiled below a security level. Thus, administrators can make further configurations for that host.Setting up baseline for the security state of a system, and tracking any changes to that baseline With IDS, administrators can gear up up their own expectation as a security baseline. Based on that baseline, IDS keeps tracking the differences and changes on the hosts, allowing administrators to st ick all hosts in the same security level they expect.Protecting against known threats The Signature detecting techniques make IDS to protect systems and networks well against known threats. It ensures recognizing patterns of system events that compare to the known threats.Recognizing patterns of activity that are abnormal When a new attack does not exist in known threat soupcons, IDS has Anomaly detection techniques for it. This technique is good at comparing system activities or network traffic against a baseline to indentify abnormal behaviors, recognizing new attacks that Signature detection techniques miss.Centralized management IDS provides a centralized management for administrators easier to change logging mechanisms, perform software upgrade, collecting alarm information and modify security setting and so on Many IDS products even have a very simple menu to have the configuration of IDS set up, which helps administrators a lot to monitors a numerous of networks and ho sts.Alerting to appropriate administrators with appropriate means Based on scan and match principle, IDS always send alerts to appropriate people by appropriate means. Administrators can make up who should receive the alerts and define different activates they want to be alerted. These appropriate meaning of messages to appropriate people can be more effective and efficient to an organization.Easier to perform security monitoring functions for non-security experts Many IDS products now already provide basic information security policies, plus easy configuration, allowing non-security expert to perform security monitoring functions for their organizations as well. This is also a strength that makes IDS to a success.On the contrary, there are some weaknesses have been suggested as shown in Table 5.1.Detection but not prevention IDS concentrate on detection method but not prevention, it is a passive activity. It is sometimes too late to detect an intrusion, oddly now some attacks are transporting very fast on the current high speed networks, when IDS sends a alert to administrators, the actual situation may be worse.False positive detections The detection capabilities of IDS can be defined in four measures on-key positive, False positive, True negative and False negative. Figure 5.3 illustrates the differences of them. True positive indicates that the real attacks are identified by IDS correctly True negative indicates that IDS is identified correctly that are not attacks False positive indicates that IDS is identified incorrectly as true attacks but very that are not real attacks False negative indicates that IDS is identified incorrectly as not attacks but actually that are attacks.Figure 5.3 Measures of IDSIDS often generate too many false positives, due to the wrong assumptions. One example is looking for the length of URLs. Typically, a URL is only around 500 bytes length, presume that an IDS is configured to trigger an alert for denial of service attack when the length of a URL is excel 1000 bytes. False positive could be occurred from some complex web pages that are common to stock certificate a large content now. The IDS is not making mistake, the algorithm is just not perfect. In beau monde to reduce False positives, administrators need to tune the assumptions of how to detect attacks in an IDS, but which is time consuming.False negative detections False negatives are also a weakness of IDS, hackers now can encode an attack send to be unsearchable by IDS. For example, cgi-bin/attack.cgi is defined as a signature in an IDS, but the file is encoded to be cg%39-b%39n/a%39tt%39 by the hackers. While cg%39-b%39n/a%39tt%39 is not defined in the signature files, the attack will pass without any notice, therefore a False negative occurs.Spoofing attacks Hackers can utilize spoofing attacks to blind the administrators. For example, hackers can use one of the IP in a network to make many False positive detections, administra tors may then set the IDS to ignore local traffic for this IP, after then hackers start the real attacks.Cannot automatically investigating attacks without human intervention Even IDS can detect to the highest degree of the attacks in the hosts and networks, but it still need administrators to investigate and perform reaction. Hackers can utilize this weakness of IDS to perform an attack, for instance, a hacker can make a large of attacks to host A, since IDS is not able to analyze all the attacks automatically by itself, administrators needs to spend time to investigate each alarm from host A. Thus, the hacker may have more time to make a real attack to host B.Delays of signature update IDS rely on its signature database to detect a known intrusion, IDS products typically updating the signature database by the IDS vendors. The potential problem is the delay of signature update patch, IDS vendors often take a long time to identify a new attack and finish an update patch. However, even IDS vendors provide the most update signature as soon as they can. It is still a time point that the IDS are not able to identify a new attack before updating the signature database.